Jomo Tariku was born in Kenya to Ethiopian parents. As a young boy growing up in Ethiopia, he was always drawn to the eclectic art pieces, souvenirs and furniture pieces his father collected while traveling across Africa. That combined with volunteering at a local woodshop in Addis, catapulted his interest in furniture design. Jomo graduated from The University of Kansas with a degree in Industrial Design.
As part of his graduation requirement, he defended a thesis by designing a full line of African furniture and concluding that the market needed an alternative to popular European and other established furniture designs. From that point on, he has made it his personal mission to bring about a series of African furniture designs to light. Furniture designer Jomo Tariku has been designing and innovating centuries old African utilitarian design into his contemporary furniture lines for the last 20 years. Jomo finds inspiration in African hand carvings, centuries-old buildings, body art and scarification, pottery and baskets, hair design patterns and traditional woven textiles.
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