Ethios is a podcast about interesting people of Ethiopian heritage and Ethiopian influence.
It’s about what they do, how they got to where they are,
what inspires them and what they want to do next.

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Episode 15: Nathan Araya

Nathan Araya is a filmmaker, TV personality, producer, community leader and unshakable optimist dedicated to improving the lives of people around the world. He currently runs a socially-conscious digital production company called Risk Happy. He describes himself as an obsessive learner who loves spending time reading, listening to podcasts, producing, and creating content. He is the creator of the documentaries Sincerely Ethiopia and The Diaspora Journal.


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Why we created ETHIOS

You rarely hear about the struggles, successes and journeys of people with Ethiopian heritage. ETHIOS is a platform where leaders, innovators, artists and local heroes tell their stories, and where listeners have an opportunity to get energized and inspired to pursue their dreams.
  • To Inspire

  • To Inform

  • To Connect

  • To Entertain


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Industrial designer @JomoFurniture on furniture design & providence.
about 3 years ago | @ethiospodcast