Hanna Kebbede

Hanna M. Kebbede is an entrepreneur, artist, and founder of the Emahoy Tsege Mariam Music Foundation. Hanna has worked as a consultant in capacity building for international development projects and worked in more than a dozen countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. She has worked in capacity building sector on projects for the UN, where she structured and designed entrepreneur training projects in Bulgaria, civil service workforce training in East Timor, and global surface transport and port operations logistics training for WFP in Rome.

Hanna identified and brokered the release of Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebrou’s CD Ethiopiques 21 by Buda Musique in 2007. Although Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebrou had published three vinyl LPs in the 1970s, her Ethiopiques 21 CD put her on the world stage as a solo artist, composer and musician. Hanna then founded the Emahoy Tsege Mariam Music Foundation to extend give children in low income brackets access to music education as a way of extending Emahoy’s legacy. The Emahoy Tsege Mariam Music Foundation for which Hanna is the CEO has given music scholarships to promising students through the Music Link Foundation, and supported other nonprofits like the Wogene Foundation. The Foundation’s annual summer camp has grown exponentially to 30 students in 2016, where children receiving free school lunch attend free of charge. The camp teaches music reading and music appreciation, rhythm and movement, paino, guitar and percussion instruments. All classes are taught by professional music teachers.

The latest project of the Foundation is a documentary film on Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebrou for which Hanna is the executive producer for the documentary, and she is also the script writer.



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